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Your other family Doctor. Davis Animal Hospital Pensacola, FL

Boarding at Davis Animal Hospital – Pensacola

Dog info: Our kennels and runs are located indoors and are air conditioned/heated for your pets comfort. Davis Animal Hospital team members will take your dog out several times each day so that they may relieve themselves outdoors. They will always be supervised during playtime. Extra attention and snuggles are no charge!

Cat info: Our cats are kept in stainless steel shoreline cages where they are able to watch the activity in our treatment room through a large glass window. We completely change out their litter boxes every day (or more if needed) and rotate fun toys to keep things interesting. Bowls are replaced twice daily with fresh food and water. Head scratches and extra petting are standard!

Does my pet need vaccinations to board?: Dogs need to be current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Cats need to be current on Rabies and Distemper. If a pet is not able to be vaccinated due to a medical condition, age or other reason we do have boarding available in our isolation ward (please call for details and availability).

What do I need to bring to board my pet?: Just your pet! We provide bedding, food, bowls, leashes, litter boxes and toys. We feed our boarders Science Diet sensitive stomach dry kibble. You are welcome to bring your pets food from home or any special bedding or toys if you would prefer.

Will my dog be able to go outdoors?: Absolutely! We take all of our boarders outdoors to relieve themselves. Dogs are taken out individually on leashes and are at all times kept in a grassy fenced area. With your permission we will take household dogs outdoors together or allow supervised off leash playtime in our fenced in area.

Why should I board my pet at my vet’s office?: Boarding your dog or cat at your veterinarian’s office is a smart move! If your furry friend shows signs of distress or illness while boarding one of our veterinarians will be able to start treatment. We are able to care for animals with special medication or physical needs. We also keep detailed kennel sheets observing pets eating and elimination activities so we can quickly intervene if we see a problem starting. Your four legged family member will be taken care of by a highly trained staff of animal professionals whose goal is to make your vacation time your pet’s vacation time too!

Rates: We charge on a per night (not per day) basis to save you money. This means that you may drop off as early as 8am on one day and pick up as late as 5pm the next day and you will only be charged for 1 night! Drop off and pick up times are available during our regular business hours only.

Cats – $15 per night

Dogs up to 50 pounds – $17 per night

Dogs 51 pounds and over – $19 per night

Daycare – $10 per day, $8 per day when purchased in a 30 pack

10% discount for military (active or retired), firefighters, paramedics or law enforcement.

*25% discount available for 14 nights or more!

*50% discount for active duty military on deployment.

Other Info: At Davis Animal Hospital in Pensacola we care about your loved one throughout their boarding stay! We know it’s not always easy to leave a pet when you’re traveling so we make sure they get plenty of attention. We sincerely hope that you consider Davis Animal Hospital in your decision making process as we’d be honored to care for your companion while you’re away!